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This is an artistic venture created by Olga Chemokhud-Doty to promote the artistic approach to life itself. Enjoy the endeavor and let us know if you need art in your life.


To coincide with the 20th anniversary of Art Basel in Miami Beach the Flamingo South Beach 1 C proudly announces an inaugural art exhibit at the South Tower:1500 Bay Road, Miami Beach, Florida 33139 The exhibit was open to the public from 10am to 9pm until May 23, 2023.


YULIYA LANINA Born in 1975, presently resides in Austin Texas. YULIYA is an interdisciplinary artist whose work bridges traditional media with new technologies. She creates alternate realities in her works—ones based on sexuality, trauma and identity. Lanina has exhibited and performed extensively both nationally and internationally, including SXSW Interactive (TX), Seoul Art Museum (Korea), SIGGRAPH Asia (Japan), 798 Beijing Biennial (China), Cleveland Institute of Art (OH), Patrick Heide Gallery (London, UK), Teatro Santa Ana (Mexico), Blanton Museum of Art (TX), and Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Russia). Her recent solo show at Xposed gallery on New York’s High Line was viewed by more than 1,000 people per day over four weeks. Lanina’s professional honors include Fulbright US Scholar (Vienna, Austria), Headlands Art Center (CA), Artpace (SA), and Yaddo Fellowship (NY). Exhibitions include SXSW (TX), Seoul Art Museum (Korea), SIGGRAPH (Japan), 798 Beijing Biennial (China), Cleveland Institute of Art (OH), Museum Ludwig (Germany) and Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Russia). Lanina’s work has been featured in Brooklyn Rail, Houston Press, Glasstire, Art Review, Bloomberg News, Australian Art Review, SightLines, and Beijing Today. Yuliya was listed among the “top 10 artists in NYC now” by Revolt Magazine and received an honorable citation from the New York State Assembly in 2013. Lanina is an Assistant Professor of Practice at the Department of Arts and Entertainment Technologies at The University of Texas at Austin. More information can be found at:


VALERY YERSHOV Born in 1960 on the territory of the former Soviet Union, in the city of Yessentuki, he graduated from State Repin Academy of Art in St. Petersburg. For the past 30 years he resides in NYC. Ershov's art received international recognition after he joined Furmanny Lane in Russia, Europe and the Americas. His works have been shown as part of the international Art Armory Show, Neuberger Museum of Art, auctioned at Sotheby's and Phillips houses, and are held in many private collections and museums. In his ironic realism, Yershov utilizes exaggerated figures, rich textures and bright colors. His flamboyant paintings strike and amaze viewer's imagination, appealing on both analytical and emotional levels while illuminating many aspects of human experience. More information can be found at:

Valery Yershov Art

DARIA BAGRINTSEVA Born in 1978, Presently resides in Miami, Florida. Master of Fine Arts, she graduated from the Stroganov Academy, and then improved her skills in Italy. Daria Bagrintseva is an internationally renowned contemporary artist, laureate of 19 international awards in the field of Fine Art. Daria's paintings were purchased for the permanent collection of the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 2012, the American magazine Art Business News named Daria one of the top 50 Emerging artists in the World. More than 600 of her works have found their new home in numerous galleries, private collections and museums all over the world, from USA to India, Sweden, Italy. Daria's 33 solo exhibitions took place in the USA, Europe, Russia and India. Participant of the Biennale in Forencia and Barcelona, participant of Art Basel Miami and more than 200 other significant international exhibitions, including the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, Louvre and the Cardin Center in Paris. Numerous publications about Daria Bagrintseva's work can be found in art magazines in Russia, USA, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Sweden and India, such as Art News, Art in America, Art Business News, Homes and Gardens, Florida Design, Efetto Arte, Dialogues of Arts, etc. Daria is a member of 5 professional Art unions. In addition, she has developed and successfully uses a unique author's methodology for revealing individual and group creative thinking. She is working on a book dedicated to the development of creative thinking in a modern person, about the possible ways of development of art and about its place in our dynamically changing world. In her own words: “It is important for me to convey the living nature of things. Not only to accurately reproduce the external structure of the object at which the eye is directed, but also, to get inside, to display the soul itself. In my canvases, there is a liberation from the bodily principle through the experience of deep personal experience. I expect viewers to be emotionally involved in my paintings in order to build two- way communication. I want them to feel the temperature of the material, the smell of the body, the taste of color, the buzz of an insect. The transmission and interaction of the emotional mood of the viewer and the energy flow from the canvas is of decisive importance to me. Inspired by my experience, I allow the energy of the world to pass through me and transfer its visual image to the canvas, helping people feel this energy and be charged with my paintings. I strive to revive the joy and inspiration that make us alive and to remind people that they can see them. Get rid of the blinders dictated by social norms and our own adult life, and help us reunite with the inner child who lives in our subconscious and just wants to be happy and see the beauty of this world.” More information can be found at:


OLGA CHEMOKHUD-DOTY Born in 1968, Washington DC, Presently resides in Miami Beach, FL In the past 20 years Olga participated in the number of National and International shows and art fairs: Superfine Art Fair in Los Angeles, MoRA museum in Jersey City group show, group show at contemporary art center in Miami 2021, Flamingo Point Gallery show in July 2020, BWAC shows in 2021-2011, International Art Show in Chelsea NYC 2015-2016. “No Comment Art Show on Wall Street NY October 2011, MoRA museum 9/11 Memorial exhibition multimedia installation. March 2011 National Arts Club, Three Women Show, Spring. Her personal shows where at the Gallery of the State Literature Museum in Moscow, Russia, April 2004, at the National Art Club NYC in January 2008, Nexus Gallery, New York City in May 1998. Olga was represented by Nexus Gallery from 1998 to 2002. She was listed in the index of New York artists in Art in America 2000. She organized numerous shows as a curator and as an art director, from fundraisers to museum exhibitions. Her articles were published in New York Art Magazine and Rulist. Olga’s artwork is whimsical and direct, grounded in traditional oil paint techniques her work juxtaposes and reflects the human individual relationship with the world of nature. Her style evolved oat of fantastical realism to a direct approach of the subject at hand emphasizing point of view and scale of the depicting subjects. Newer works include reflections in different forms, super enlarge eyes, images in protective helmets, glass, water. More information can be found at: www.olgadoty.com

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The art show is envisioned as a first of many to follow with the participation of internationally acclaimed artists who visited our building, love Miami and South Beach and are glad to help build a more art-oriented environment in the community. All art will be available for purchase directly from the artists.

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