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This is an artistic venture created by Olga Chemokhud-Doty to promote the artistic approach to life itself. Enjoy the endeavor and let us know if you need art in your life.

The Flamingo South Beach 1 C announces an art exhibit at the South Tower, located at 1500 Bay Road, Miami Beach, Florida 33139. The opening reception on
September 23d from 6:30pm to 9pm
at the South Tower Lobby for the photo art show
presenting the works by Vanessa Savas, Troy Khasiev, Yuri Syuganov and Alexander Lefler. Curated by Olga Chemokhud-Doty

All artworks are available for sale directly from the artists.



210.326.8960 vanessa@delphiworldgroup.com

Vanessa Savas is a retired Air Force officer, pilot, artist, photographer, and consultant. Her love of fine art and photography began as a young child growing up outside Cleveland, Ohio, and evolved during her adult years while traveling the world. Vanessa attended formal classes in art and photography as a teenager in Ohio and Florida, and as a young adult at the US Air Force Academy. While at the Air Force Academy, her Heart sculpture was selected to be included as part of a special art exhibition. With her art, Vanessa seeks to highlight and capture life’s nuance and that which might otherwise go unseen. The artist currently resides in Florida.

Artist Statement: I use photography to create works of art that bring life and beauty into the lives of others. My photographs aim to capture the flow of life and energy in each scene or still...The universal energy around us...Life's nuance. With every frame, I seek to highlight the nature in which each form lives at that moment. The beauty of the sky and the sea, of God and man’s creations, inspires my soul and give me purpose to point the camera and capture a moment in time.I hope my art gives others pause to reflect on the highest power that gives life.

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TROY KHASIEV. troykhasiev@gmail.com

Troy was born on March 2, 2000. He made his first drawings and photos at the age of three and five. He studied drawing with the artist Vladimir Kireev and photography at the Rodchenko Photography School in Moscow; practiced painting in the Moscow studio of Vladimir Nasedkin, and mixed media art in the Parisian atelier of Takesada Matsutani. He studied art and photography at the Kingsworth International School in Paris and at PNCA (Portland, OR).

Troy is a finalist and winner of international competitions: MONOVISIONS PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS (London, UK), APA (Annual Photography Awards), The Best Artist in the Field of Contemporary Art, Abstractionism and Sciarsism (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Troy has a track record of group and solo exhibitions; he has also volunteered for a number of art exhibitions and events. Troy’s works can be seen in numerous art collections such as: the MORA museum (New York, NY); the International Children’s Art Museum and the Russian Geographic Society (Moscow, Russia), the Benetton Foundation (Italy), as well as in the galleries and private collections in Paris (France), Moscow (Russia), Venice (Italy), and New York (NY)

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YURI SYUGANOV Born in Russia. During his university years in the mid 1980 he started practicing street photography in and around Moscow, Russia. Back then Yuri was using a LOMO lc-a camera and exhibiting images taken with this camera long before the word lomography was invented. Yuri came to the U.S. in 2000 and lived for 17 years in the San Francisco Bay Area where he has exhibited few personal shows at coffee shops in and around San Francisco. Since 2019 he lived in Washington, D.C. and then Memphis, TN. He moved to Miami Beach, FL in 2023. Presently resides in South Tower Flamingo. He participated in the International Photography Festival in Arles, France, and in group shows in San Francisco, New York and Milan.

Artist's statement: Pointing is one of my series studing un-posed gestures and poses happening in real life all the time in front of our eyes, which we usually don't pay any attention to. I find it facinating to show it as a body or work anticipating that next time you see that gesture, you'll smile mentally release the shutter.

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ALEXANDER LEFLER yuri@syuganov.com (born 1981) is a documentary and art photographer, currently residing in the Komi Republic, a remote northern region of Russia. For the past 10 years, he has been practiciing commercial and art photography. From 2020 to 2022, he studied at the "Kiev School of Photography" in Kiev, Ukraine, and at the "Photographika" Academy of Documentary Photography in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Artist's statement about the "Colors of the city" series: I shoot abstract cityscapes based on the experience of early 19th century Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian. A hundred years ago, he depicted harmony and poise on his canvases, simplifying his paintings, removing color shades, perspective and curved shapes from them, leaving only straight lines and pure colors. Thus, he showed the viewer the basis from which not only any piece of painting begins, but everything around.

I believe that if everyone understands that beauty and harmony can be found not only in famous artist's paintings, but also in ordinary objects, it will help to see the world around us differently - be it the buildings roofs, an old fence or paint spots on a concrete wall. These are exactly the objects that are the core of my photographs.

Everyday things ceased to be interesting for one reason - we just stopped paying attention to them, we got used to passing by without noticing. But each person can become a little like Pete Mondrian if he looks at the combination of colors and shapes in front of him, seemingly faceless. If you just look around, going out on a seemingly gray and familiar street. And, perhaps, he will understand: beauty sometimes lies in the simplest things that we face every day.



The art show is envisioned as one of many to follow with the participation of internationally acclaimed artists who visited our building, love Miami and South Beach and are glad to help build a more art-oriented environment in the community. More information on PAST EVENTS:

UPCOMING November, 2023

May, 2023

December, 2022

All art is available for purchase directly from the artists. for more info email to Artoworks@yahoo.com