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This is an artistic venture created by Olga Chemokhud-Doty to promote the artistic approach to life itself. Enjoy the endeavor and let us know if you need art in your life.

TO COINSIDE WITH MIAMI ART BASEL 2023 The Flamingo South Beach 1 C announces an art exhibit at the South Tower, located at 1500 Bay Road, Miami Beach, Florida 33139.

Manuel Ortiz Lobos, Diana Castillo, Olga Chemokhud-Doty, Valentina Kvasova, Iliyas Muratov, Wayne Alexander Smith.

Public viewing hours: Hours: 9am - 9pm at 1500 Bay Road, Miami Beach, FL, 33139 South Building Lobby. Valet parking available.


DIANA CASTILLO's paintings are abstracted surrealism influenced by her metaphysical interests and South American heritage, using the bright colors of those countries. She paints in the surreal “automatism” style, inspired by Kandinsky and Roberto Matta. She has lived and exhibited in New York, Madrid and Washington DC. She is currently exhibiting at her studio in the Futurama Building, 1637 SW 8th Street, Little Havana, Miami.

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ILIAS MURATOV is a brilliant Russian painter with exceptional vision and sense of color. He studied art at one of the best art schools in the former Soviet Union, Penza Art College. A professionally trained artist, he goes beyond the boundaries of traditional academic approach. During his years in St. Petersburg he participated in numerous art exhibitions and illustrated several science fiction novels. Since 1991 he lives and works in New York City. Influenced by modern American abstract expressionists, he continues his search for new styles and techniques. His work was shown in many group and solo exhibitions. His talent was recognized by corporate America – such worldwide conglomerates as SONY Music, Motorola, American Express, Pearson Publishing, etc. He did a series of CD covers for Sony Music’s “Greatest Hits” (Classical Composers), advertising for Motorola and American Express. His paintings adorn many corporate headquarters in Manhattan. His artwork was purchased by many corporate and private collectors from France, Germany, USA, Hong Kong, Japan, Spain, Canada, Australia and UK. Since 2017 Ilias became an active member of Scenic Artists Union, working on many television and movie productions, as well as TV commercials, including but limited to a commercial for Tiffany’s, Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story, Law and Order TV show, HBO’s The Gilded Age. In Moscow and Saint Petersburg Ilias worked as a decorative artist for G-Drive (affiliate of Gazprom), restaurant chain Ginza, and several private luxury residences. Ilias has also worked in the field of applied arts. Namely: Interior decoration and design, faux finishes, murals, venetian plaster, wood graining, gilding, glazing, and trompe l'oeil. Ilias’s passionate search for harmony inspired him to explore the world of music and poetry. He is the leader of the Siberian Swing Salsa band YOKE, performing and recording at NYC clubs and concert halls. He is a prolific songwriter and arranger and works with world renowned musicians as members of his band YOKE. Ilias continues his journey through the world of visual artsand music, and still surprises and inspires his loyal followers.

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MANUEL LOBOS was born and raised in Stockholm Sweden, the son of Chilean parents and currently living in Miami Beach, Florida. In 2013 at the start of his Art Career he has visited over 70 Countries, spreading his music and art worldwide. Lobos is known for using and creating his own bright neon in his unique works (Neonic Art), especially if you’re around LED lights, usually up to 7 colors, representing Chakra colors and to keep it minimalistic. What does inspire him to create Art? He believes everything is art and his main reason is to inspire others in a creative and unique way, giving hundreds of paintings for donation, supporting schools and local people where most of his art, a percentage goes for Charity. His art is inspired for what he’s seen in his dreams, passions and ideas, creating in multiple media including painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, watercolor, video and digital art.

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OLGA CHEMOKHUD-DOTY Born in 1968, Washington DC, Presently resides in Miami Beach, FL In the past 20 years Olga participated in the number of National and International shows and art fairs: Superfine Art Fair in Los Angeles and Seattle, MoRA museum in Jersey City group show NJ, group show at contemporary art center in Miami 2021, Flamingo Point Gallery show in July 2020, BWAC shows in 2021-2011 Brooklyn NYC, International Art Show in Chelsea NYC 2015-2016. No Comment Art Show on Wall Street NYC October 2011, MoRA museum 9/11 Memorial exhibition multimedia installation. March 2011 National Arts Club, Three Women Show, Spring. Her personal shows where at the Gallery of the State Literature Museum in Moscow, Russia, April 2004, at the National Art Club NYC in January 2008, Nexus Gallery, New York City in May 1998. Olga was represented by Nexus Gallery from 1998 to 2002. She was listed in the index of New York artists in Art in America 2000. She organized numerous shows as a curator and as an art director, from fundraisers to museum exhibitions. Her articles were published in New York Art Magazine and Rulist. Olga’s artwork is whimsical and direct, grounded in traditional oil paint techniques her work juxtaposes and reflects the human individual relationship with the world of nature. Her style evolved out of fantastical realism to a direct approach on the subject at hand, emphasizing point of view and scale of the depicting subjects. Newer works include reflections in different forms, super enlarged eyes, images in protective helmets, glass, water, abstract forms. More information can be found at: http://www.olgadoty.com @artoworks.

VALENTINA KVASOVA was born in Rostov-on-Don, USSR in 1976. She grew up in an artist family, and she graduated from the Voronezh Choreographic School. In 1999 she moved to New York, USA. Valentina is a professional dancer and singer: she has been performing songs in the style of mystical folklore for more than 20 years and has danced in various well-known ensembles. She has also been interested in drawing since childhood. Three years ago she took up fine art professionally. Valentina exhibited at the Friedman Gallery, New York. Her works are presented in museums and private collections in Russia and other countries. Valentina creates her paintings as a clairvoyant artist-guide in the technique of intuitive drawing. She transfers mystical images from her subconscious to paper, connecting the spaces of the present and the future in an endless point “here and now”. Valentina creates unique, completely authentic, drawings and paintings in which feelings, emotions, events of different times and realities are intertwined. She gets her inspiration from the beauty of life, from the originality and uniqueness of every day, from the endless variations of the intertwining energies of the universe. Transferring the energy images of the subconscious into the material density of our reality, Valentina considers and calls her works nothing more than “an energy photograph of the day, through which you can connect with any day of the past or future.”

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WAYNE ALEXANDER SMITH My paintings are symbolic transformations of my feelings, emotions, deep passion and inner strength to evolve through my journey on canvas. This journey incorporates geometric shapes and complimentary colors all working in harmony with each other; sometimes taking on three-dimensional form. I get my inspiration from my Buddhist practice, knowing my past life situations and circumstances, understanding where I’m going with the endless determination to inspire and believing that nothing is impossible. Contact Email: WayneAlexanderDesign@gmail.com Text 212-368-1990 www.WayneSquareArt.com

All artworks are available for sale directly from the artists.


The art show is envisioned as one of many to follow with the participation of internationally acclaimed artists who visited our building, love Miami and South Beach and are glad to help build a more art-oriented environment in the community. More information on PAST EVENTS:

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All art is available for purchase directly from the artists. for more info email to Artoworks@yahoo.com